GoPro Video: Maho Bay Overlook to Mongoose Junction

Here is the second part of our GoPro video today. This video begins at the Maho Bay overlook and continues west on North Shore Road to Mongoose Junction. It was filmed on October 27, 2017.

4 thoughts on “GoPro Video: Maho Bay Overlook to Mongoose Junction”

  1. My wife and I love St John and are looking to return as soon as possible. We pray for this magical place, the people and the donkeys.

    i have seen several post Irma videos with miles of downed trees and branches along roadsides. Removing this would be an enormous undertaking. Further there certainly must be downed trees further off the road that will most certainly be left there for nature to solve. Has the Park Service and other officials considered simply moving the roadside branches further off the road into the thicket. With all of the recovery to be done, this may be the most expedient course.

  2. Jenn, I know you are hearing this many times, but I feel compelled to also say THANK YOU for all you do for St. John. You are truly THE VOICE for the island, and without you, there would be no way of knowing what is going on and how recovery efforts are coming. We hear nothing about it here in the states . We all know it’s going to be a long road back, but to check in with you and see progress being made is very heartening to me , and we all look forward to when we can return and support all the local businesses who have been so drastically impacted ! Keep up the great work !

  3. Hi Jenn, Just watched the Maho Bay Overlook to Mongoose Junction video! Awesome!
    Thank you for sharing these videos. Every time I see a new video I cry a little less! Today, no tears! So glad to see the greenery, the clean up, the work crews and the clear roads! So encouraging! It helps to see it “live and in person” on your videos -riding the roads with you all over the Island allows us to see all the amazing work being done. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sending love to everyone in Love City!

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