Good Things Are Happening!!

aerial shot of St. John in US Virgin Islands

There are lots of positive things happening on St. John. Here is what we know in no particular order…

  • First Bank opened yesterday
  • Mail service resumed yesterday
  • Bruce Twyon, owner of Southern Hospitality, picked up 25 NY State Troopers and assisted with transporting personnel, equipment and other supplies needed at the St. John Clinic yesterday.
  • Kenny Chesney helped evacuate more St. John residents yesterday.
  • Sun Dog Cafe, Hercules and Chester’s are open.
  • Community happy hour happening at The Tap Room on Fridays.
  • E&C gas is open; NPS dock opens from 8-12 for response workers and at noon for the general public.
  • The ferries and car barge are running, but on a limited schedule.
  • The St. Thomas airport is expected to reopen this week.
  • Gifft Hill School is open and providing free education to all children. JESS hopes to reopen by mid-October.
  • The basketball court and playground in Cruz Bay have been cleared thanks to volunteers.
  • Pink Papaya is open.
  • Chelsea Drug Store is open.
  • Starfish Market, Dolphin Market, Pine Peace Market, Calabash Market are all open.
  • The health clinic at the Marketplace is open.
  • St. John Hardware and Paradise Lumber are open.
  • St. John Ice is open.
  • Caravan Auto is open.
  • WAPA has executed agreements for a first phase of 240 linemen to assist with the Territory’s reconstruction with more on the way.
  • Food distribution from noon-3pm at JESS ballfield and at the Fire Station in Coral Bay. Cruz Bay Landing, Longboard supported by Red Cross to serve up to 1,000 meals per day; 420, Indigo Grill, Dog House and others providing supportive service.
  • The Westin and Caneel both have potable water.

A BIG thanks to Celia and the St. John Community Foundation for compelling a large portion of this list.

Those hurricanes were strong, but St. John is stronger. Much love to you all.

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  1. Your Blog is the lifeline to our son (Mac O’Donnell) and daughter-in-law (Christina O’Donnell, teacher at GHS) and our 3 grandchildren (Kaelen, Seamus & Kensey) … Thanks and keep up the good work … we live in Ohio and your communications have been terrific!

  2. For those of us tracking every update in hopes to return to help rebuild- Is there a website I’m not finding to coordinate volunteers or should we contact Red Cross for this?

  3. Wonderful!

    Probably can’t come fast enough for a family taking refuge in Madison, WI from St. John. Saw them on the news last night. The little girl said WI is freezing. Ironically we have been having an unprecedented heat wave this month. 5 days of record highs over 90 degrees. 14 days over 80 degrees. I think she is ready to head back!! Today the high will only be in the 60’s. She needs her island back, ASAP!! 🙂

  4. I understand that Our Market Smoothies is open and has had some free smoothie days for residents and helpers…

    . Local establishment right in Cruz Bay run by Thomas Matthew

    Hopefully you can find out about this and put it in the paper Thomas is a very humble And positive man ..Locals helping locals ….As well as Loyal tourist that will return ..

  5. great news, especially the WAPA agreements with 240 linemen! Considering all this has occurred in 3 weeks (with one of those weeks being lost to Maria) is very, very encouraging!

  6. Great Job People of STJ and the people that helped off island. Stand tall and proud…STJ always came through and together after previous storms, and will in the future also. I have been glued to TV, FB and texts for news about my former home for 40 yrs. You rock! Always love hearing from Marcia, Niyah, Tanji and Gia…..you are all survivors and helpers. God Bless ! Celia and all ohers doing a fantastic job.

  7. We are so grateful for your continued news of our second home of St John. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will continue supporting everyone’s efforts to bring our beautiful and precious island back.

  8. Really great to hear momentum is picking up speed and you all are doing well. Thanks for all the timely updates and for all he reports of local and not so local heroes. You guys are amazing- we have a trip booked for the end of January and are still hopeful to come back then.

  9. Awesome news! Thank you for posting this list. We know you are working hard to get everything back in some kind of order. Continue to stay strong ❤️

  10. Whew! Even knowing the grueling work ahead for all of us, it is a relief to read of the positive developments already happening. St. John is strong! Coral Bay is magnificent! Thanks for the update. Finding such information in one place has been hard to do.

  11. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, News! You St Johnians Rock! The lineman/utility workers coming is especially good news!
    These updates are so encouraging and help us off islanders that love the Love City stay updated, engaged and supportive. We’ll keep praying and supporting!
    God Bless…

  12. Thank you for this update!
    I’m happy to know things are progressing on this beautiful island and helping all who are there.
    Love you Sharon K ❤️

  13. Has anything happened with the adopt a family on St. John program. You have all done such a fabulous job and I know that there is still SO MUCH to do. Would love to adopt a family and also encourage my family and friends to do the same. Info would be great when you get a chance. Thank you!

  14. So happy to see proof of great St John spirit. Husband and I have been coming nearly every one of 35 years snd hope to celebrate our anniversary on St John in January. How can we adopt a family?

  15. Thank you for this update. St john is truly a magnificent island not only for its beautiful land and waters but also for all the positive people. Keep on rockin! Stay stron abd see you soon.

  16. Nice piece. When you are in the middle of a disaster it is often difficult to see the progress! I arrive at St. Johns from Frenchman’s Cove in St. Thomas. I am looking forward to visiting again in the not too distant future!

  17. Such a testament to the strength of community, hard work, generosity, hope and action. Continue to support the island that gives so much to each of us, whether as a place of respite or as a home. Can’t wait for the webcams to get my daily dose of love city.

  18. Wonderful! My friends are asking here in New England: “When would be a good time to visit St. John — for either helping out with the recovery and restoration process, or simply enjoying a vacation?” What should I tell them??

  19. Pam Gaffin’s interview with the Daily News regarding Coral Bay is not so bright and cheery. “We have been completely neglected.” Sam Topp’s response was, as is typical of the administration mouthpiece, completely condescending and intentionally obfuscating. Gaffin’s most indicative quote? “Bullshit.”

  20. Such positive news. St. John is such a beautiful haven with wonderful people. My son worked and lived on St. John last year and is anxiously awaiting the time to return. Wishing everyone peace and hope for the 2018 season.

  21. Centerline Road with its mudslides? Is it passable and safe? How about the Love City Market? Are meat and produce reaching the shelves yet? How is Skinny’s looking? Please try to include Coral Bay in your excellent reporting. Thanks.

  22. I was so happy when my son sent me this site today. He proposed to his wife at Bordeaux mountain and wonders how it is . Our family loves St John and our kids think of is as theirs own as they have vacationed there since they were children. We are so happy St John is strong.

  23. This almost made me cry at work! Please hang in there St. John! I’m so happy to see this list. Hang in there and stay strong. I celebrated my 30th birthday on May 1st in St. John so this place is special to me. I will return to volunteer and help. I pray you all stay strong and come back more beautiful than ever!

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