Coral Bay artist lights up

George Hollander's talent is making the unique from the mundane.  

Goodyear.light11beCase in point: Goodyear – New Year!, a one-of-a-kind light sculpture fabricated from a collection of common old tirews.

"Almost no one regards natural surroundings as ugly or unappealing, but when it comes to man made objects we are less certain of our own reactions," the Coral Bay artist told the St. John Source in 2009.  Hollander has no such uncertainty as he accommodates the everyday into his art.

The lights-and-tires sculpture is his latest annual effort to mark a new year. The German-born artist made it by stacking nine tires and topping them with a Plexiglas-spiked dome made from half a marine buoy. He then wrapped Christmas lights around the piece. Its core lighting comes from florescent bulbs.

He crafted New Year's sculptures in 2009 and last year.  You can see them here, along with the more traditional handmade light fixtures he produces for homeowners and architects.

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