Gasoline shortage in Cruz Bay

Gas Update:  On our way to Gibney Beach Saturday, there were three lines of cars waiting for gas at E&C.  Turns out the station had just gotten a delivery.  What's the lesson?  Fill up your rental car's tank the day before you leave, to avoid the rush and maybe having to turn in a car on 'empty.'  Update from the Source here.

“All Pumps No Regular” says the sign taped to the cashier's window at E&C Service, Cruz Bay’s only gas station. 

The owner of the station told the St. John Source she ran out of regular on Thursday, leaving only premium grade gas available.  That may run out this weekend, Myrtle Barry added. “Hovensa (the gasoline distributor on St. Croix) won’t sell us enough fuel.”

The fuel supplier, Boynes Trucking, told the Source it’s been cut to one day a week its trucks can purchase fuel, Saturdays. He said St. Croix truck drivers had complained when his 10 trucks arrived, via barge, to load up.  During the winter season , with visitors on St. John and St. Thomas, one delivery of fuel a week is not sufficient to keep up with the market.

At E&C Friday, there was no ‘panic’ evident, no long line of vehicles lined up for fuel, though the Source headlined its story as a “Fuel Crisis.”

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