Colorado couple did it! Bought a business, moved to St. John

Shannon and David Pursley
are ‘living the dream.’  Or at least, they’re living the adventure, pulling up stakes in Colorado, buying a business in which they have no experience and moving to the island. 

Over the next few weeks, the Inquiring Iguana will pass along episodes from the reality show that has become their life.

Shannon’s a VI veteran, having lived on St. Thomas for 20 years. She’s held a number of positions in advertising and marketing, on STT as well as the mainland including a stint with Francis Ford Coppola’s winery in Napa.  She also spent three summers as a chef on board a charter fishing yacht in Alaska.  David’s a life long Coloradan with experience in international shipping, which came in handy when they packed up to make the move.

The Pursleys are the new owners of the gift shop/gourmet market on the grounds at the Gallows Point Resort. The business was listed for sale almost three years ago, and this winter they closed on the deal.

Before they had opened the doors, Shannon wrote friends back home, “We make time each day to go swimming and relax a bit since once we start working there will be limited time for this.”

7 thoughts on “Colorado couple did it! Bought a business, moved to St. John”

  1. Good luck in your adventure!! We will staying at Lavender Hill just above you at the end of June for 8 days during Carnival. We will pop in a time or two for drinks and things and to say hello.

  2. Congrats guys. I am planning on moving back myself, this fall, and will visit. I have pastry chef training, perhaps I can bake for your shop!

  3. Welcome guys! We’re from Denver/Grand County and moved here 3 years ago, after snowbirding for 13, to build our “dream house” and do environmental good deeds. Have accomplished both, and could write a book too. Life is the same all over though, when it comes down to it. No utopias but this is a great place to live. Rob & Karen Vahling, Coral Bay

  4. Big wishes for your new life on island. My husband and I lived the dream as well, when we bought The Canvas Factory at Mongoose Junction (now where the Friends of the VINP shop is located). We had quite the adventure and I wrote a book about it, and the relationship drama that unfolded: My Next Husband Will Be Normal – A St. John Adventure. You can see more at http://www.raeellenlee.com. When I next return to STJ, I’ll try to stop in to see you. St. John is such a special place. Be sure to make time for the beach.

  5. Congratulations and best wishes for much success! I hope all your dreams come true. I’m a “long-distance native” of St John and I only make it back there once a year if I’m lucky, but when I am there at the end of this summer, I will stop in to Gallows Point and shake your hands. When I was on St John the last time, the shop you have now had the best cup of coffee on the island (in my humble opinion). Good luck!!

  6. Reading your wonderful book right now Rae Ellen! Sure enjoying it! What fun it has been to “re-live” STJ through your eyes reading your book! I miss Captain Phil, such a wonderful man, he’s special! Heading back to STJ in 100 days (but who’s counting!) Rae Ellen, would you consider signing my book if I sent it to you and reimbursed shipping?!
    Anyone that STJ has touched your heart, run out and grab “My next husband wil be normal-A STJ Adventure” It’s sure to be a hit!

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