Gala at Caneel a modest success for Sprauve

Mahi Mahi and Filet Mignon were on the menu Saturday night in the Caneel beachfront terrace restaurant as entrees for the 12th annual Sprauve School gala. Several hundred people enjoyed the fine food and attentions of several dozen ‘Celebrity Waiters’ who included local businesspeople, local government officials and one representative of the Department of Motor Vehicles (!).

Funds from the sale of $75 tickets and proceeds from live auction items will be used to refurbish the island’s public elementary school’s cafeteria and auditorium. The evening ended with dancing.

We’ve attended two Galas previously. This one showed the effects of a slowdown in the economy. It appeared there were fewer people in attendance than in the past and the once-robust and extensive list of raffle prizes and silent auction items was a mere shadow of itself.
nd bids. That had to impact the sale of raffle chances and offers of bids. Various speakers during the evening referred to the recession and thanked the people who attended, nonetheless.

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  1. Ever since Peggy Blitz and Rik Blythe left Caneel, there has been a study decline in the Sprauve Gala hoopla that made it a yearly tradition to attend. Instead, the new organzizers lamely attempt to make this event what it was: a time when all St. John came togther and celebrated. It ahs nothing to do with the economy—it has to do with lack of soecial event marketing, PR and coordination.

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