Fresh, Organic Greens Available in Coral Bay

Josephine Roller
Josephine Roller shows off one of her pomegranate trees.

Looking for fresh greens while spending time on the island? Well look no further than Coral Bay Organic Gardens, also known as Josephine’s Greens.

Chances are you may have had the opportunity to sample some of Josephine Roller’s renowned greens while dining at one of the island’s restaurants, but we thought you should also know that they’re available to the public over at her Coral Bay garden.

Coral Bay Organic Gardens is located in Coral Bay on the same road as Love City Mini Mart. You’ll know you’re in the right area when you come across this sign, which warns tourists that they are lost. The garden is a bit down the road on the left-hand side.

You are Lost
This makes me laugh every time I drive past it.

Josephine and her husband Hugo first opened their business back in November 2006 when it was simply called Josephine’s Organic Greens. And just as the name states, all of Josephine’s products are organic and free of pesticides. Despite island challenges of poor soil, harsh weather, lack of water and cost of land, the Rollers have continued to offer St. John restaurants, visitors and residents a flavorful, healthy, local choice for organic greens and herbs.

The types of greens available vary from time to time, but you can typically find an abundance of mixed greens, spinach, collards, kale, bok choy, green beans, okra, sunflower sprouts and herbs at Josephine’s garden. In addition to selling fresh, organic greens, the Rollers are also one of the island’s main commercial growers. Their 18-acre farm is pretty impressive. Stop by and check it out for yourself.

Coral Bay Organic Gardens is open daily in season from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours may change in off season, so it’s best to call before visiting. The number is (340) 693-5579.

(On a side note, Hugo is looking to create a new green resort on a portion of the Roller’s 18-acre farm. You can read more about that venture here.)

7 thoughts on “Fresh, Organic Greens Available in Coral Bay”

  1. The availability of Joshephine’s Greens adds enormously to the appeal of St. John for us. We’ve lived either on board or on land on St. John for 30 years, and in the early years good fresh food was virtually unavailable. Now we try to patronize restaurants that offer Josephine’s Greens by name because we’re assured of that the greens are both fresh and organic.

  2. Always plan on going to the farm to get fresh greens and sprouts when we are there, which isn’t often enough.

  3. She cares about the enviornment and she is ery generous in teaching others how to grow organic. Ofcourse her produce are fantastic . Their Daughter Mimi just won 5 gold medals for USA.

  4. Hi Josephine! My family and I just returned from a week in St. John- our first time and we loved finding your greens in the grocery store and restaurants! They saved us because we are vegan/ vegetarian eaters trying to find fresh veggies on the road. I am also a home gardener, and was inspired by the quality and vibrancy of your greens- especially loved the sunflower sprouts, mustard greens and arugula! We loved your island home too! Thank you! Maybe if we can ever come back, we can visit your farm! Warm regards, Sandy Kunz

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