Free night at Maho Bay, but you’ll work for it

Landshark-logo-09 Just one week remains to register to compete in the 11th annual Love City Triathalon and Acquathon

Contestants are eligible for a free night at a tent cottage at Maho the night before the event, September 5th.

The Triathalon includes a half-mile swim, a bicycle ride of 14 miles, and a four-mile run.  The Aquathon course is a half-mile swim and then a run of almost three-and-a-half miles.  The Triathalon begins at Maho Bay at 7 a.m. Sunday.  The events will have a staggered start, with both finishing their run at the Annaberg Ruins.

Last year, 97 people finished the competition.  This year’s registration will be capped at 110 contestants.

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