Forecaster explains calm hurricane season

The island has been pelted, deluged, soaked and waterlogged for the past week by fast moving thunder storms and torrential rains.  The National Weather Service issued flood watches almost daily. 

The good news, however, is … (well, i dare not say it.)  But, with just a few weeks to go until the end of the h******** season, storm guru William Gray is not issuing an "all clear."  The Colorado State University forecaster expects there to be three named storms and three hurricanes this month, nearly double the long-term average,. according to a report by the St. John Source

Why has it been so quiet on the VI side of the Atlantic?  He said African dust blew across the ocean in August and September and that helped prevent storms because it dried out the mid-level atmosphere.  He told the Source, he the United States is in a new, multi-decadal era for increased storm activity. "We expect this active tropical cyclone era to likely span the next two or three decades," one of his team members added.

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