Fish Trap to close

One of the island’s landmark restaurants, the Fish Trap, will close in two weeks. 

Last fall, in an effort to stay competitive in what’s become a more upscale market for eateries on island, the Fish Trap built a new kitchen and and hired a new chef to give its menu a more Asian/fusion taste. Now, Lonnie and Albert Willis, who own it have decided to close April 13. 

They also own the Raintree Court where the Fish Trap is located.  They have other business interests on island, including the Stone Terrace.  They listed that fine dining restaurant’s lease and kitchen equipment for sale earlier this year at $575,000.  The price has been cut to $350,000. "It’s a terrific opportunity for someone who wants a great restaurant for a lot less than it would take to build one," said Lonnie Willis.

As philosophers say, when one door close, another opens.

The Willis’ son, Aaron, is an accomplished chef and was the brains and energy behind the Stone Terrace when it opened in 1998.  A few years ago, he left St. John to become a key executive and chef at the multi-million dollar Yacht Haven Grande marina (http://www.yachthavengrande.com/index.php). He has been overseeing its three restaurants. 

Aaron is, now, coming back to St. John.  “He has given his notice to Yacht Haven Grande  and will be reopening the (Fish Trap space) restaurant sometime in June,” said Lonnie Willis.  And if Aaron’s background and experience is a guide, it would seem likely St. John is going to get another fine dining restaurant in time for next season.

4 thoughts on “Fish Trap to close”

  1. I am so happy to hear about Aaron’s return. The Fish Trap really went downhill fast when he left. I have no doubt he will be successful. I’m looking forward to our visit later this summer even more.

  2. Under Aaron, we always began and ended our vacation eating at the fish trap! The muscles were perfection to my wife while I loved the blackened shrimp not to mention the fantastic fish specials. We’re glad to hear he is coming back.

  3. Disappointed! The Fish Trap has been a mainstay for us much of the nine years we have been visiting the island. This year’s trip will not be the same without it.

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