First Bank Reopens on St. John

More great news! First Bank is now open on St. John. Here are the details straight from them:

FirstBank wishes to inform the general public of branch hours effective
September 26, 2017: 

  • St. John- The St. John Branch located at the MarketPlace will be open from 9:30am-12:30pm.
  • St. Thomas – The Waterfront Branch and FirstBank Plaza branch in Tutu will be open from 10am-3:30pm.
  • St. Croix- The Orange Grove Branch will be open from 12pm-3:00pm.

FirstBank ATMs at the Waterfront Branch, FirstBank Plaza Branch, St. John Branch and Orange Grove Branch are fully operational.

ATMs will remain operational as long as resources allow.

Clients are reminded that they can access their accounts, check balances and make account transfers through the FirstBank Online Banking and Mobile Banking platforms.

8 thoughts on “First Bank Reopens on St. John”

  1. Jenn, this is great news. Progress needs to continue.

    I just received the following news release from Sun Country airlines. I am very dissapointed in their decision to not fly to the Islands over the upcoming winter season. The Islands have suffered a one, two punch with Irma and Maria. The third punch will be airlines and cruise ships that abandon them. What the islands do not need is financial devastation due to the loss of major tourism dollars.

    If there is anyway you can get a campaign started for people to go to Sun Country’s website and voice how they feel about this decision, it would be greatly appreciated. I have seen so many posts about how people have a desire to return to the Islands and it will be a shame if these companies discontinue their services. Below is the news release from Sun Country. Anything you can do to drive people to their site to complain would be greatly appreciated:

    Flights to St. Thomas and St. Maarten/St. Martin Cancelled

    Due to the recent hurricane impact to the island, Sun Country will be cancelling flights to St. Thomas and St. Maarten/St. Martin for the upcoming winter season.


  2. Do the citizens in Coral Bay have access to the ATM in their area, or do they have to travel? If they have to travel, my latest reort is Centerline had a landslide and is tough and the other route is also tough. Do the Coral Bay residents have gas to drive to an ATM?

  3. My daughter does not haver an account at the bank on st. John. We need to send her money. Is Their anyway we can go thru the bank. Her name is Tracy Young. Thank you

  4. Jenn –

    Your doing an awesome job

    If anyone needs help submitting FEMA or SBA FORMS on line I’m ready to help. I just did SBA and I’m confident I can do their forms for them with basic information.

    Just have them email me / no charge of course.


  5. Why do people keep insisting on coming down so soon? It makes no sense at all. Please stay at home til we are ready or someone asks you to come down for help rebuilding or cleaning up. We all love Stj but please think about it. Those of us who actually live there had to evacuate, what makes you think you are any more important? I was almost ran off the mountain by lookyloos driving while taking pictures. I couldn’t bring myself to even take pictures, I felt as if I was disrespecting our island and its people. I could see into people’s bedrooms, how could I take a photo of that? It’s real peoples lives turned inside out and upside down. That is not a tourist attraction!
    Please stay home like the rest of us til we are ready. And yes, there was an atm in coral bay.

    • Hey brother. I stateside now and left on the last evacuation boat before Maria. I have been contemplating coming right back. Whether out of love for the island or guilt that left I felt compelled to return. However after reading your comment and recognizing that all resources that the island has or gets really should be used by the rocks stars that stayed. There will still be plenty of opportunity to help in a month or two for sure. And there are things I can do from here to help that can’t be done there like phone solicitation for donations which is what I have Been doing. So thanks for putting things into a realistic and important perspective. Btw. Everyone asked me when I got stateside to show them pics. I had none even though I was all over the island accessing damage. I felt totally the same as you about that.

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