Ferry cost raised 2nd time in a week

Ferrydock_cruzbay_1A few days after the Port Authority decided to start collecting a 25-cent/person “usage fee” at Red Hook's Fredericks Marine terminal, the Public Service Commission approved a 40% increase in the basic fare across Pillsbury Sound.

The PSC set the new rate at $7 for adults and $2 for children, up from $5 and $1. The luggage charge was also increased 50% from $2 to $3 per bag.

This means the cost for a family of four, with one bag each, to cross from Red Hook to St. John will be $30.  Plus, there’s the taxi fare from the airport which, for me at least, never seems to be the same. Let’s assume it’s the posted price of $15 for the 1st person, and $11 for additional people.  Now the round trip cost, airport to Cruz Bay is about $156.

We’re starting to talk real money.

Read the St. John Source report of the fare increase. http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1223616999

12 thoughts on “Ferry cost raised 2nd time in a week”

  1. If these rates of increases continue, pretty soon it will cost us as much to get to STJ from STT as it does to fly from DC to STT.

  2. I’m confused about the contrast in emphasis. The lead in this story’s link says:
    April 1, 2009 — Starting Thursday morning, ferry riders between St. Thomas and St. John can keep a little more jingle in their pockets — at least for the next 30 days.

  3. Well, the Source chose to focus on the short the elimination of a fuel surcharge.
    I preferred to pay attention to the meat of the story.
    Bottom line: for about a month, fares will be cheaper. Then, they go ‘boom’.

  4. With the new $3 per bag charge, do you think those offloading the bags will stop asking for tips? Really adds insult to injury.

  5. I find it interesting as the price of oil drops to a third of its peak last summer that we have to pay yet another increase. Simple rules of commerce state that money MUST move to stimulate the economy and if we are all being more cautious about trips to STT or STJ then less gets spent as we stay put. The family of 4 on a budget will have to look elsewhere to vacation as it is getting to be out of a lot of family’s range to come here. Again no long term insight by the powers to be. If the operation is losing money so be it, it is a public service and MUST be heavily subsidized by the government. Yet one more blow to our fleeting economic situation on St. John! Gov. DeJohng, please stop this shortsightedness approach and get the funds to solve this ongoing dilemma.


  7. I’m glad I bought two weeks at the marriott and not the westin. We rent jeeps and have the best of both world’s at a reduced $$. We stay a few day’s each year on st john but barge over…..Still, you don’t go on a vaca not to spend $$$$$

  8. Rent a car on STT and take the car barge- it will be cheaper. Or take the downtown ferry if possible- that will be a real steal of a deal at the new price, and will probably be sold out every trip by people seeking to save money on the Rip-Off RedHookRoute.

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