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A couple of weeks back, we told you how we launched a new tour guide business. We’ve had several tours so far, and it’s been going very well. It’s also been super fun! So today we thought we’d share a bit about our tours in hopes that you may decide to book with us on your next vacation. We’d love to meet you and show you around! 🙂

Our tours are best for a few types of people:

1. People who prefer not to rent a car. We can take you all to places the taxis will not.

2. People who’d rather not drive on the left … leave the driving up to us!

3. People who like to go off the beaten path but are not comfortable doing so by themselves. We know all the best out of the way beaches, ruins and fun places.

4. People who’d like to indulge in a few adult libations. You can do so without having to worry about driving home.

During our first week, we took guests to Hansen Bay, Lameshur Bay, Denis Bay and Maho Bay. We visited ruins at Lameshur Bay, as well as Annaberg. And each one of our tours always ended in the same place – Angel’s Rest, the Virgin Islands’ only floating bar. How fun is that?!

angels rest april 5 (1)
Angel’s Rest, the Virgin Islands’ only floating bar, on April 5th

We received great reviews, which really made us happy. Click here to read a review about us on Travel Talk Online.

Ready to spend a day with us? You can contact us at [email protected].

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Thanks everyone and happy Monday!



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