Esquire names Skinny’s a Best Bar

Logo_hp_topRaise a toast to Skinny Legs!  The Coral Bay institution has been named one of the best bars in America, by Esquire magazine.

"Skinny Legs is one of those rare points on the face of this dirty globe from which all good feelings emanate," says the magazine’s review.  "Travelers wash up at Skinny’s for the harmonic convergence and stay for the rum punch and a cheeseburger grilled behind the bar in the open for all the world to smell."Btn_bestbarsnav_2

The magazine tells the story that, "Dedicated bartenders and best friends Moe Chabuz and Doug Sica (from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Red Bank, New Jersey) found a little spot by the water on the Coral Bay side of the island and started Skinny Legs in 1991, because the world just needed the place, Moe says. He and Doug put their last dime into it, and ‘we did everything wrong,’ but it’s become the center of the Coral Bay community, and one of those joints you just never want to leave. So don’t."

Here’s a link to Esquire: http://www.esquire.com/bestbars/bb-SkinnyLegs

12 thoughts on “Esquire names Skinny’s a Best Bar”

  1. The BEST BAR EVER, all they need are french fries, or you can get them at island blues and bring them back. See you soon. LEE

  2. It’s not just the burgers or drinks at Skinny Legs, it’s the laid-back, friendly atmosphere. Makes me want to be there RIGHT now! Skinny Legs deserves to be noticed as one of the Best Bars because it is!

  3. Love the way the party spills out onto the street and we have to grab one another when a lone car makes its way towards ‘town’. We’ve planted their chairs & tables in the middle of the street when the sidewalk was full. Love the place!! Make the trek from San Diego often, what a freakin chore that is!!! Hawaiii????? NO WAY!! Gimme the caribbean, rastas & rum punches any day, they can have the poi they eat with their fingers!! ICK! See ya in NOV!

  4. loved the burgers(rare)and beer. and the ‘ambiance’. and the little art shops around the perimeter. my wife hated the ‘so called’ bathroom though. i have to agree with her on that one. (worse for her than me.)

  5. A great place to just “relax and Chill”. Great for kids, too, with darts, “shoes”, and the livestock out back! Be there soon/can’t wait!

  6. Don’t care for the place, as someone said “tourist trap” along with ms. lucy’s. Can’t beat that skinnier than a rail heroin local guy that harasses the customers and gets in fights with the cook … shipwreck landing has better food and the heroin guy doesn’t get there as early.

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