VI Tax Assessor is ‘Emily Litella’


Remember Gilda Radner’s character on Saturday Night Live, Emily Litella.  Who, after ranting about something would be corrected mildly by Chevy Chase or Jane Curtain.

Without giving an inch on whatever she’d mistakenly said before, she’d say, “Never Mind.” (Wikipedia on Emily Litella.) That’s what the VI Tax Assessor has done.

In a news release, the VI government said, “The Division of Property Tax wishes to advise property owners who received notices of delinquent property taxes in June to disregard those notices.” 

Faced with hundreds, if not thousands, of complaints about the bogus dunning notices,the Tax Assessor blamed the snafu on “years of inefficient records management” by previous government employees. 

“Delinquency notices will be reissued at a later date once the Division of Property Tax has thoroughly reviewed its records and clarified the payment status of Virgin Islands property owners,” the Property Tax Office said.

So, if you – like us – got one of those notices … relax.  It’s business as usual at Government House.  Instead of collecting any of the millions of dollars in unpaid property taxes, stretching back decades, they say wait for another letter.  If you owe taxes, come in and pay them.  Otherwise, well … maybe they’ll send you another notice.  Someday.

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