Eat and drink the St. John way

The island boasts some world-class restaurants. La Plancha del Mar, Zozo's, La Tapa, and Asolare jump to the tip of a well-used tongue.

Lately, some of the island chefs are "lifting their aprons" to reveal some of their recipe secrets.

Ovceangrill At Mongoose Junction's Ocean Grill has posted a small number of recipes.  Boasting that it offers "Contemporary cuisine with a fresh tropical flair," its web site offers how-tos for Crustless Quiche, Lemon Vichyssoise, and Banana Cake.  Each recipe is on the site and available for download via PDF. The site says there are more recipes available via a link to an Archive.  Not true.  Click it and you get the same three recipes.

Fishtrap Another source for recipes is the web site of Virgin Voices magazine.  Aaron Willis of the Fishtrap Restaurant in Cruz Bay is featured in two videos showing how he prepares Red Snapper.  The audio and video quality are a little rough (Looks like this might be an experiment by the magazine to see if it's a popular). See the video here. 

The most extensive collection of St. John-inspired recipes comes from Cruz Bay Realty's Gretchen Labrenz.  Several years ago, she self-published her. St. John Style Cookbooks. It features recipes for Annaberg Souffle, Bordeaux Beef Stroganoff, Orange Dill Carrots, and many more.  The book is available at many gift shops on island as well as Amazon.com.

RumShopRyan has posted a recipe for the Beach Bar's Lime and Coconut drink.   It includes rum, lime juice, a lime, and an ounce of Coco Lopez, cream of Coconut.

For a more serious approach to alcohol, there's the Pain Killer.  There are probably dozens of recipes for it; this one wants cream 0f coconut, orange juice, pineapple juice and dark rum.

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  1. The video and audio are intentionally meant to NOT be a slick production. We had a focus group of a dozen St. Johnian people, including Aaron Willis, look at the video online before we “made it live,” and there were no complaints. In fact, the home brew nature is what individuals liked.
    It is not meant as a commercial. Just informational and a great way to see Aaron in an unpretensious manner.
    Please see it for yourselves at virginvoices(dot)com St. John page… and shoot us an email.
    Dan Bostdorf
    Virgin Voice Publications

  2. PS:
    We are in process upgrading VV camera that will contain an external mic capacity when needed. We will shoot higher resolution when possible given file size and bandwidth constraints . We are not youtube nor do we have their budget to allow broadcast quality 1080P + video as they do. Thanks. Dan

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