An e-mail worse than spam

Sked_change_bluLast week, I urged you to book airline tickets for fall 2008 and 2009.  I figured the American Airlines announcement of layoffs and service reductions can only mean trouble for VI-bound visitors.  The number of AA flights to Puerto Rico is being cut in half, and there are undoubtedly cutbacks coming for St. Thomas service.Aa_2

That e-mail header above is proof the VI’s will be hurt. 

Following my own advice, I booked for next February, last week.  Within 10 days, I got the e-mail saying my return trip would now get me home two hours later than originally planned.  The connection also will not be through San Juan, but rather Miami.

Frankly, I expect more schedule changes before we take off in seven months.

3 thoughts on “An e-mail worse than spam”

  1. Can’t wait to see what they do to our flights in Nov that we booked months ago. Can they charge us for the 1st bag as they do now, but after the fact of prior ticket purchase??
    I HATE being at their mercy!

  2. fyi if the airlines change your flights you can contact them and they have to rebook at no rebooking fee. We did this on a recent flight that had a 4 hour layover. We were rebooked at no charge and had better flights to boot. This is good to know and worth a try.

  3. If our flight #’s have not changed, but the the time of departure and arrival have, are we still eligible to rebook at no fee? They have us getting into St. Thomas in November at 8:05pm. I would much prefer an earlier time. If I am able to rebook, I would love to!

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