Dream jobs on St. John

Rising Stars Some people would even take a boring job on the island if it meant they could wake each morning to beautiful sunsets, go to world class beaches, and roll into Woody's each happy hour.

But that life would be a fantasy. How about imagining the best job possible?

That's what some people have been talking about at Virgin-Islands-On-Line.com.

BigCheeze started off the thread, writing "I think there may a few people that consider how to spend more time on STJ."  His dream jobs?

  • Charter Captain 
  • Villa Video production 
  • Bartender 
  • Villa agent 
  • Tour Guide 
  • Drink mixologist
  • Island Gigolo 

Xislangirl suggested bartender, villa manager and real estate agent.

SOonthebeach's ideas included photographer, event planner, and volunteer at the Animal Care Center.

"Funny you should ask. I told my husband just recently I think I could be happy pumping gas at Domino's in Coral Bay," said Joppa.

Hugo offered some realism in his comment. "Most of those jobs do have a pretty high burn-out rate here–fine for a couple of years, but then you have to start something like No-See-Um's blog to stay sane."

Other suggestions:

  • Beach raker
  • Rum taster
  • Sunscreen applier
  • Head of quality control at the Beach Bar
  • Personal assistant to Kenny Chesney

Mickey threw in this nugget of realism:

"I am doing my 'dream job' of maintaining villas for a very classy villa management company. Today (Saturday) my wife and I went to a villa of angry guests to work on their 'list'. We decided they don't 'get it' … (don't)l understand STJ. That is sad but we like what we do. "

Dream on.  What's YOUR idea? How would you make a living on the island? Comment here.

11 thoughts on “Dream jobs on St. John”

  1. I would pretty much do almost anything that would allow me to enjoy the Island. I’d work 24 hours a day, 6 days a week with one day off of priceless serenity on the Island. I visited there a year ago October and met some great people who made me feel at home. I miss handing with them playing “gestures” at the local bar and my tour guide Jeff. He volunteered to take me on a tour of the Island, It was amazing! I definitely was able to see things a normal tourist would not have found. Thanks Jeff! I hope to visit again soon and see all their smiling faces. P.S. If anyone knows of a job available on the Island hope a sister up 🙂

  2. You bet I would take a boring job on the island if it meant I was waking there every morning. I have been looking for such a job for a year now~! I can sell ice to an Eskimo, but landing a job selling sand to an Islander seems a bit harder.

  3. You know what…guys in general need to step up their interior decorating skills. I’ve never regretted going for high-quality, and the best prices I can find on modern furniture is at Modern Man Caves.

  4. Question: how do you wake up in the morning to watch a beautiful sunset? I guess if you did bartend till 3am you would be waking up to the sunset…

  5. As a teacher, the first job I would take would be your editor/proofreader…..just kidding I love the blog and have followed ya’ll for many years. My job would be the sit on the beach in the BVI and be the drink tester. I am also qualified in determining if the beer is ‘cold enough’. Let me know when you need me, I am always available!

  6. Anything would be better than sitting in this cubicle 40-60 hrs a week. What was once 6×8 is now 3×8!
    I loved to clean. Yes, ladies clean. Nothing is better than to walk into a villa & see it sparkle & then have those little touches like a welcome basket, fresh flowers, etc & look out the front & take in that special view of STJ. Of course, I would volunteer or help whenever I could.
    We are already looking a snow this week and there is no place else I rather be. I have even thought of opening a “small” place to eat, but, I don’t know if I could swing it~ So back to looking at these grey walls & collection of STJ pictures until my next visit. 🙂

  7. Every day I say to my husband, “When we move to St. John…” I’m a cake decorator and he ran his family’s Italian market/deli for 25 years. Two years ago, I took him to see Baked in the Sun and Mongoose Deli, which were both for sale at the time, during our vacation. He said I was giving him chest pains!!!! Don’t worry, I can wear him down! He’s most worried about health care on the island. They say if you can see yourself doing something, you CAN!

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