Don’t miss the Donkey Diner

Can a former molecular biologist and a financial services expert find happiness flipping eggs and spinning pizzas in Coral Bay?  So far, so good say Sean and Sue Rubin, formerly of Boston and now proud, relatively new owners of the Donkey Diner.

Striving to offer the best breakfast on the island and all around “kickass food,” the Rubins visited 10 islands before they decided on St. John.  Since closing their deal, they’ve made a few changes to what was already a well-known spot for omelets, 'stuffed' French toast,, pizza and barbecue.  They also added eco-friendly 100% Organic Cotton t-shirts with a new design drawn by a local artist and added another guest chef for Sunday evenings which feature Caribbean seafood.

When we visited, Sean and Sue were happily talking about the fact they’d just gotten a liquor license for the restaurant, no small feat they thought since the Diner is across the street from the Guy Benjamin School.  But so, too, is their neighbor, Sputnik, which also serves drinks.

Sue’s parents had just been visiting the week before we met up with the couple.  She says it all went well and that Mom and Dad left satisfied that the Diner was a real business and their daughter hadn’t made a bad, or frivolous, decision.

To talk with Sean and Sue is to come away impressed by their energy and optimism, and their commitment to each other as well as to making the Diner more successful.

Donkey Diner web site:  http://www.donkeydiner.com
menus: http://www.donkeydiner.com/menus.html

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  1. We had a great breakfast at Donkey Diner too but the wait was interminable, even by island standards. I’m not sure I could convince my husband to go back b/c of that. The coffee was GREAT!

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