Don’t drink the water in Cruz Bay

Cruz_bay_to_gallows_ptTwo weeks in a row, the government has reported the water’s not clean in Cruz Bay, where the ferries arrive.  Who would have imagined?

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources said test results of water quality, issued July 24 and 31, showed that the samples "(did) not meet the water quality standards for swimming or fishing.”  A spokesperson for the department said construction sites, like Grande Bay, may be  – may – contributing to the problem, in addition to lots of recent rainfall which causes runoff from the hills.

None of the other seven St. John beaches tested were found wanting.  They include Great Cruz Bay, Oppenheimer, Hart Bay and “Klain (sic)" Bay.  On St Croix, Rainbow Beach was found to not meet Standards, as was Coki Point on St,. Thomas.

5 thoughts on “Don’t drink the water in Cruz Bay”

  1. The last time we were on the island there was someone taking a dive lesson or something in Cruz Bay. The person next to us at the Beach Bar starting telling us about how it the slick stuff on the rock near the shore wasn’t was man made and not natural. I don’t know that I would swim in the bay after that.

  2. …and yet more and more and more development is going on, which means more cars, big trucks and ferries. St. John is about the size of Manhattan… before long it will look like it. Good bye to paradise. 🙁

  3. The title certainly caught my attention, but I was thinking we weren’t supposed to drink the water at the restaurants in Cruz Bay. I’m glad to see it’s just the Bay we’re not supposed to drink from. Where does the drinking water at the restaurants come from?

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