Donkey Diner closed, for sale

New owners took over Coral Bay’s go-to breakfast/pizza place less than a year ago.  Now the popular eatery is for sale, again. 

A listing on Craigslist now has the asking price as $299,000.

“Owner must leave island for family medical emergency and is selling popular Coral Bay breakfast spot ”THE DONKEY DINER”. Huge potential for working owner or family run business with breakfast lunch and dinner options.

 This chance to own an iconic Coral Bay restaurant will not last long. Deeply branded, with dedicated local and tourist regulars this breakfast spot is ideal for a family or couple looking to relocate to St John and run an easy yet successful business. Recent upgrades greatly improve efficiency while reducing expenses.

3 thoughts on “Donkey Diner closed, for sale”

  1. While I sadly regret the owners’ family emergency, I’m looking forward to new owners. I loved the Donkey Diner until the current owners took over. I felt the quality went way down hill.

    • I read your comment, am contemplating buying it ( ready to start a new life :)). But……was really interested in getting your input as far as ” losing the charm” etc. you seemed insightful and it is scarey on my wife and my part to uproot. Thanks so much! Roger and jenni

  2. I’m sorry it didnt work out as they’d planned but I agree new people might bring the DD back to its old self. The quality and the charm went out the window.

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