Dolphin’s Getting a Major Makeover


For those of you who’ve been on island in recent weeks, you may have noticed some changes happening over at Dolphin Market. They’re in the midst of a pretty nice little makeover, so we thought we’d share some pics and info with you.

You may be wondering why this is news – well Dolphin Market is starting to look somewhat like a real “America” grocery store and that excites us. Their selection of foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, beer, wine and more has expanded pretty dramatically recently. And their prices are some of the best on island in my opinion. So that’s why this is news in my book 🙂

For starters, they’ve removed the wall that used to separate the main shopping area from the fruits, veggie and meats area. That area isn’t completely finished, but it’s starting to look really good. They’ve also added new coolers and freezers along the perimeter of the store. Lastly there are two new stands in the rear of the store that will likely hold a selection of cheeses and spreads, much like the ones over at Dolphin’s Coral Bay market.

Check out some pics:






And as we mentioned, their prices are pretty good too. We found bacon for $4.95, Chobani yogurt for $1.85 and a gallon of milk for around $3. Not too shabby.

5 thoughts on “Dolphin’s Getting a Major Makeover”

  1. Ironically they still have yogurt on shelves(the single serving good ones in black) that expired 2 weeks ago. And whip cream that expired January 3rd. Can’t have it all i guess;p

  2. Jenn, we were there in July and saw the renovations looks great. Carolyn and I have rented a Villa about a hundred yards up Centerline Rd. We’ll be there in September.
    Who Hooooo

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