Dolphin, the low price leader this month


latest food basket survey by the Department of Licensing and Consumer
found Cruz Bay’s Dolphin Market the cheapest. 

Among three
stores surveyed, the sample food basket items at Dolphin totaled $60.68.  In second place, Pine Peace Market was 6% higher, at $64.36.  The basket at Starfish Market
cost $65.60, 7.5% higher than Dolphin.

Speaking of food
prices, the Inquiring Iguana's father in law and nephew are staying at Blue Tang
this week.  They e-mailed, “Blown away by the prices e.g. $6.99 for a
loaf of bread or $10 for a bag of potato chips! Needless to say, we
deferred stocking up to a StT. run. (I did spring for a $10 Sam Adams

But they LOVE Blue Tang. (Looking for a vacation villa?  Check it out at BlueTang.vi.)

1 thought on “Dolphin, the low price leader this month”

  1. Is this for real? I have never paid 10.00 for a bag of Chips on St John. Have the prices gone up that much form last Fall?

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