Dog days’ temporary restaurant closings

The middle of August is a perfect time for business owners to get off the island and recharge, just as visitors do when they come to St. John in the winter.

The traditional chronicler of summer closings is Ruth of St. John Spice.  

Her "Closing Schedule" shows Cafe Concordia closed until October, La Plancha del Mar offline until August 22nd, and Lime Inn taking a break for the fall beginning next week, August 20.  You can see the full schedule here.

The Inquiring Iguana believes the schedule looks lighter than in past years.  That is, fewer restaurants seem planning seasonal closures.  The best advice would be – check Ruth's list and if the restaurant you'd like to visit shows no information, give 'em a telephone call.  The list includes phone numbers for many.

2 thoughts on “Dog days’ temporary restaurant closings”

  1. Yoy may want to know that the small court Bar agt the Lime Inn is opened all summer…and you will find Rich and Chris’ wonderful daughter Chelsey (be shocked to see her – she is all grown up AND has inherited the excellent customer service skills of her mom and dad!)
    Chris made our lunch yesterday.
    Great…as usual!
    Wally- from Island Blue- was learning the Lime Inn’s famous recipes so you can COUNT on their usual great mussells with a variety of other winning combo’s including a fab marghuita pizza and burger sliders! I believe they are opened every day excpt Sunday. Cool, eh?
    Check it out…expect to feel OLD if you have lived here before Chelsey’s birth buy HEY those are the facts we live with these days! Bon Appetite! “Luscious Licks” Bonny.

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