Digging Up the Old Domino

Something’s happening at the site of Coral Bay’s old Domino gas station. Workers were recently seen removing the old tanks from the site, as well as truck loads of soil. We do know that the soil was being transported over to St. Thomas, but its future remains unknown. One worker said he heard a new gas station and store was being built, while a local businessman simply stated the tanks needed to be removed due to abandonment.

What would you like to see happen here?

Gas Station Before

Gas Station After

6 thoughts on “Digging Up the Old Domino”

  1. I be pleased to see another gas station there…although I understand there are environmental questions. Of course, that would mean that the VI Gummint would have to repair Centerline Road. The thought of a gasoline delivery truck breaking through the damaged pavement and plunging into the valley is a tad chilling.

  2. They brought in a funky looking yellow and green tank with an attached pump. It looks like it’s an above ground sort of thing. It’s sitting down near the corner at the moment. I can see it from my house. It will be nice to have gas over on this side again.

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