Development on East End gets OK

One of the island’s next big residential developments is going to be from there and gone – at Estate Hansen Bay on East End.  You get there by driving through Coral Bay, past Skinny’s, past Vie’s Snack Shack, and keep on going.

The Coastal Zone Management Committee gave its approval Thursday for about 75 acres to be subdivided into 13 residential lots by Robert Carney’s Flamboyant Realty Services.  CZM backed Flamboyant’s proposal to build mostly 12-foot roads through the area, according to the Virgin Islands Daily News.  Carney says the owners of the property are in no hurry to sell the lots, although he expects the roadwork will be finished by the end of the year.

An ecologist who surveyed the area in advance of CZM’s approval, Gary Ray, said he found three rare plant species on the site.  He also praised Carney for planning to cut roads more narrow and usual because it keeps more vegetation intact, the newspaper reported.

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