Details on New Restaurant Coming to Cruz Bay

the longboard
A few months ago we told you about the new restaurant that’ll soon be in the space formerly occupied by Joe’s Diner. Well, today we got some more details, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this one.

I had the pleasure of meeting Clint and Tyler, the two men behind the new restaurant, Wednesday morning. They were cool, very laid back and both know St. John pretty well. Tyler lived here years ago (and moved back about a month ago) and Clint has visited for the past decade, including a short stint on-island in 2008. They’re super excited about the new restaurant, which got me super excited, and I hope you all get super excited too. Here are the details…

It’s going to be called The Longboard and it’s going to have a very coastal feel with a surf bar vibe. Construction started last month and their new banner went up early Wednesday morning. Clint and Tyler described the food as being “coastal cantina”, which is best described as Caribbean meets SoCal. It’s going to be fresh, healthy and best of all affordable. They’re also planning a big focus on the bar program, offering affordable craft drinks into the menu, as well as a few exclusive house specialty offerings.

In terms of seating, they’ve completely gutted the space and plan to create a very large L-shaped bar top that will have seating for 19 and additional bar area seats. They’re also going to have arm rail seating, which will be great for people watching, and tables along the street as well. It will be completely open air and inviting. We saw some of the drawings and it truly looks neat. Here’s one that’ll give you a feel for the layout…

The Longboard_Floorplan

The Longboard is expected to open in mid-January. We’ll keep you posted on all the latest details.

6 thoughts on “Details on New Restaurant Coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. Heartfelt plea to new owners: Add just one speciality item to the menu: “Fried chicken leg quarter, a la Kim ‘n Trent”. There’s a lot of folks jones’n pretty bad for this one.

    All the best,


  2. They should consider getting some of the surfboards that Daniel Joel Pinto has painted for the walls. They are beautiful and would look great on the walls!

  3. Healthy and affordable … Sounds like a winner !!! Welcome to the neighborhood Clint and Tyler, floor plan looks great and I wish you much success !!! I will be spending my $ there 🙂

  4. I hope they have vegan items. It’s a huge trend now. A chocolate fondue fountain would be nice too. I love dipping my marshmallows into the fountain. Some Asian fusion and also some creole gumbo would also be great.

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