Deli Grotto Closes

deli grotto doors

Well folks, it’s a sad day over in Mongoose Junction – Deli Grotto has closed its doors for good. Fortunately, however, it will open under new ownership October 1. And from what we hear, it’s going to be pretty delicious.

For those of you on island over the past few days, you may have noticed a sign over at Deli Grotto stating that it’s closed for the month of September. We found that to be a tad odd considering we were told that Deli Grotto planned to stay open for the season, so we decided to do some digging.

deli grotto closed

We learned that a local couple will soon take over the space and that it will remain a deli. They’re still in the process of clearing the deli’s new name, so we agreed to keep some of the details to ourselves for a bit. But I have to admit, as sad as I am to see Deli Grotto go (their turkey artichoke panini was my absolute favorite!), I believe the new owners will do an excellent job.

Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming weeks… In the meantime, if you’re looking to get your sandwich fix or perhaps grab a bite to go, Sam & Jack’s in the Marketplace and Baked in the Sun plan to remain open throughout low season.

10 thoughts on “Deli Grotto Closes”

  1. Deli Grotto went downhill after the last owners took over. Hopefully the new owners will do things the right way, which is not easy, and involves getting up at crack of dawn to make the dough, etcetera. The old owners just used frozen stuff. I wish the new owners the best. Hard work pays off and eduicated consumers cannot be fooled. Most STJ visitors and locals are intelligent and have higher education. There are other options if they play us for fools.

  2. Wow, so surprised this closed – it was always busy with local tourists and everyone in between. Hope the new owners don’t change much, it did not close for lack of business. PLEASE KEEP THE BREAKFAST BURRITTO!

    • They made a profit. That’s all that matters for some people. Same as flipping houses. Those are the people who don’t have a passion for what they do in my opinion.

  3. So sad about the closing, when we vacation every year in April we are there every morning. The girls know us by our first names, I hope they are all still there. The muffins are awesome as the sandwiches and salads. Good luck to the new owners and very sad to see you leave old owners, you will be missed.

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