DeJongh fund raiser on St. John

Days after announcing he is running for Governor, a fund raiser for John deJongh was scheduled for Monday night on St. John by Steve Simon.  Simon is best known on island for producing blues and jazz festivals.  Simon called deJohng "for the only governor candidate that cares about St. John. 

Running on the Democrat ticket, the financial advisor and former Finance Department commissioner has also been president of the St. Thomas-St. John Chamber of Commerce. DeJongh has "devised a five-year plan to improve the education and police departments, increase development and tourism in the territory and resolve the myriad financial challenges in government," the Virgin Islands Daily News reported. The St. Thomas businessman ran four years ago, too.

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  1. How does he feel about the development problem on St.John? Didn’t I read somewhere that he actually was encouraging development? If he is anti development I would certaintly want to know that and if he is I will gladly donate to his campaign.

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