Dealing with St. Thomas airport

Whether American Airlines really means it when they suggest you arrived at the airport four hours ahead of departure, to insure your bags get on the plane with you, there are some things you can do to reduce the stress of the airport.

  • Log on to AA.com where you can print your boarding passes the night before you are set to fly.
  • Try to live with one carry on bag.  How much room do shorts, underwear, t-shirts and sandals require, anyway?
  • Use the automatic check-in machines at the airport.  An agent will sticker the bags and you’re on the way.

Got any other ideas?  Pass them along here.

8 thoughts on “Dealing with St. Thomas airport”

  1. Don’t fly AA???
    “Try to live with one carry on bag. How much room do shorts, underwear, t-shirts and sandals require, anyway?”
    I require much more than the 4 items you mentioned!Easy for a guy, i’ve seen Rob pack a suitcase smaller than my laptop case!

  2. Left for Maine on Friday. Flight scheduled for 10:40 departure. Took the 7:00 ferry to be on the safe side. Arrived at the airport a little before 8:00 and were through customs and sitting in the lounge by 8:20! Take a good book!

  3. We get extra copies of customs declaration and fill them in before getting to airport. This saves us time and avoids standing in another line

  4. My wife and I can pack for a two week trip with just using carry-on bags (tropical vacations). She’s an expert in how to pack and still have everything we need, including snorkel equipment, even fins. It’s amazing to me how she does it. Our carry-ons are like the Tartus from Dr. Who. How does all that fit in there?

  5. We are coming next month to St.John. I’m interested in any helpful hints about the airport/ferry situation as my husband has MS and the easier it is the better for him and also me. We will be renting a villa while there. I saw the previous email and am wondering what is Connections? Is it a way to send clothes etc.? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

  6. We will be back in June for 10 days for our third trip and are taking carry ons. I always over pack and half of what I brought ends up hanging in the closet. We did this for our Disney trip last spring and it worked great. I figure if I need/want something new to wear I’ll buy it on island. I look forward to not worrying about lost luggage and the wait for them to unload it off the plane. We stay in our swimsuits 85% of the time…so I think it will be easy to pack. Plus the villas have washers and dryers…for us its a no brainer…

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