Day Trippin’ to Peter Island


I had such a great time this past Saturday that I wanted to share it with all of you today. Steve Horner, the owner of Barefoot Cowboy, invited several friends and I out for a boat day to celebrate his birthday. We hopped on Born to Rhumb and set out on some of the calmest seas I’ve seen in awhile.

(Random fun fact of the day: Both Steve and Liz, owners of Barefoot Cowboy, and Ben and Jen, owners of Born to Rhumb, bought their businesses after reading about them on News of St. John … So who knows, you could be next!)

I had no idea what was on the agenda other than it was a trip to the British Virgin Islands. I was happily surprised and super excited upon learning that we were headed to Peter Island.

Peter Island is located in the BVIs, east of St. John and just past Norman Island. Peter Island is home to one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen. This is a case of I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. Check them out…






img_5571 img_5570 img_5567


Peter Island is a pricier resort, although they do have some pretty significant overnight deals for USVI residents. But even if you’re not looking to stay overnight, it’s still a pretty sweet place. And it didn’t even take that long to get there.

So if you’re lucky enough to be visiting St. John anytime soon, I’d highly suggest you put a boat trip to Peter Island on our to-do list.

Have a fantastic week everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Day Trippin’ to Peter Island”

  1. Stayed at Peter a dozen times, Great memories. Then the groups came in, and the loyalty program shrunk etc. but you have inspired me to take a memory day trip. Thanks.

  2. That resort with the pool looks kind of like what the new St John developers/owners of Concordia “La Vie” are going to build overlooking salt pond except they will have to walk to the beach.

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