Dalton Turns One Today!

We celebrated Dalton's first birthday at Hawksnest Sunday afternoon.
We celebrated Dalton’s first birthday at Hawksnest Sunday afternoon.

So I swore I would never be that mom who posts a lot about her child, you know to the point where it’s annoying… lol. Well I’m breaking that rule today folks, because today is Dalton’s first birthday! Woohoo!

(For those of you who simply want “news” about St. John, we’ll be back to normal tomorrow. Promise! And for those of you who want to know a tad more about this island baby’s first year, please read on!!)

It’s hard to believe that an entire year has passed already. It’s also hard to believe that we haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a year. Ugh. Dalton is a pretty awesome kid, but he certainly thinks sleep is the enemy. 🙂

Dalton is walking and babbling a lot already. He absolutely loves the beach and loves being in the water even more. He loves boat rides and plane trips, and even has three whole stamps on his passport! He attended his first wedding up in Portsmouth, New Hampshire back in September, got his first passport stamp in December when he checked out Virgin Gorda for the first time, and even visited Key West in January. He did some people watching at Soggy Dollar for the first time in March and then made a big trip to Italy in May. He loves his dogs and his babysitters (and I’m sure many of you would recognize several of them from your favorite restaurants around the island!), and most importantly, he just really seems to love life. This kid’s smile can truly light up a room.

Growing up on an island is pretty special, and having the ability to raise your child here is even better. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well in our case, it takes an island.

Here are a few recent pics of him…

Hanging out at Maho...
Hanging out at Maho…
Playing on the big slide at the Kid's Carnival over the weekend.
Playing on the big slide at the Kid’s Carnival over the weekend.
Splashing around with Mama News of St. John who flew in for his birthday weekend!
Splashing around with Mama News of St. John who flew in for his birthday weekend!
Looking very cool on a plane ride over to Puerto Rico...
Looking very cool on a plane ride over to Puerto Rico…
He loves Charlie! But Charlie is simply wondering when he's going to go home... lol
He loves Charlie! But Charlie is simply wondering when he’s going to go home… lol
Who doesn't love Lime out??!
Who doesn’t love Lime out??!
Birthday cake time!
Birthday cake time!

Year one was amazing, and I’m sure it will keep getting better. Have a great Monday everyone! And happy birthday Dalton!

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    • Jen, So glad to have met Dalton in person at Starfish, and the photos don’t lie. He is a beautiful boy. Sorry about that lack of sleep, but those smiles make it all worth it, don’t they! Judy from Catch n’ Keep.

  1. One MORE reason to love St. John!! It’s Dalton & family’s home!!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Happy Canada Day to the many Canadians who also love St. John

  2. Happy Birthday, Dalton! Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Jenn. Each age and stage they grow into gets better and better. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday little man! His smile is as bright as the island sun! Thank you for sharing these precious pictures.

  4. Happy Birthday Master Dalton! What a cute, happy baby! These are the informative years. His young brain is soaking up so much right now. He will be so thankful that he got to experience the island surrounded by friends and loving people.

  5. So glad to see the little fella you told us about in our trip with you. He is so cute. His happy disposition reflects the good vibes from mommy and daddy. Thank for sharing. Also happy to see doggie.

  6. Happy Birthday Dalton!! Love those dimples and not only do you look like dad, mom gets a lot of credit too! Cheers to one year in the books!

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