Customs Parking Lot Closed Next Week

Customs Parking Lot Closed Next Week

Good Morning, Good Morning!  Just a quick heads up for all of you who will be on island next week…The Victor Sewer Marine Facility Parking Area (Customs Lot) will be closed from Monday, July 25 until Friday, July 29 for maintenance, repairs and painting.

We all know that parking is a GIANT pain in Cruz Bay.  And next week it is going to be even a bit more challenging while the customs lot undergoes its annual spruce up.

Customs Parking Lot Closed Next Week 1

The parking lot to be closed includes the area to the right in the aerial image. Both the lot across the street from the Post Office and the lot adjacent to the public bathrooms will be closed for these scheduled repairs. 

The lot will re-open on Saturday, July 30.  Word to the wise, they sometimes clear the parking lot the night before the work starts.  So, if I were you, I would avoid parking there late on Sunday evening (7/24) as well.  I have definitely returned to this lot to find my car had been towed in a similar situation 🙂

Customs Parking Lot Closed Next Week 2

You can help keep the parking situation a bit easier on residents next week….

For those of you who are visiting, PLEASE save the limited free parking areas for the staffers reporting to work and residents who may need to run some quick errands.  If you think that finding a place to park for dinner is problematic, imagine trying to find a place for an eight hour shift that you don’t have to pay an hour’s wages for.  Cruz Bay has a ton of pay parking options that won’t break the bank!

Customs Parking Lot Closed Next Week 3
Slim Man’s paid parking

Slim Man now has two locations in town, right next to Tap & Still or adjacent to 420 to Center, where you can park long enough to grab dinner and some drinks for $5-$10.  The gravel lot near the tennis courts is $8 for the whole day (until 10PM) and the Lumberyard offers flexible rates on both daily and hourly parking.  If you are dining or shopping at Mongoose Junction, parking in the lot there is free while you are a guest on the property for up to two hours.


Also, if I were visiting and shopping around for rental cars, I would likely be looking specifically at those companies who offer parking options in town for their rental vehicles.  Sunshine, St. John Car Rental, Conrad Sutton, L&L ($50 for unlimited parking) and Courtesy are just a few of the companies that offer parking options for their rental guests.

As a resident who doesn’t necessarily need to park in town regularly for work, I definitely utilize Slim Man’s parking area while in town for errands, drinks or dinner.  Because, I DO remember a time when I sometimes paid $30 to park my car while at work.  And, giving up an hour’s pay just to get to work was never any fun 🙂  So, please bear with us as we undergo more improvements, clean up and progress in Cruz Bay!

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