Cruz Bay park renovation nearly done

A month or so begin schedule, the $336,000 renovation of the park in 'downtown' Cruz Bay, is open for business.

Well, not all business.  Vendors who occasionally set up under tents, or brought tables on which to show-and-sell their jewelry, hot sauces, or wood carvings are no longer welcome to set up shop.

Besides being less hospitable to merchants, the park is also less welcoming.  The St. John Tradewinds claims benches in the new park are purposefully uncomfortable to discourage homeless people from checking in for the night.  They are individual seats.

The St.John Source also said some landscaping remains to be completed.  There are planters that need to be installed.

The almost-six months-long project  created a few problems.  St. John Festival found it had less room for Cruz Bay activities, and merchants around the park – including J.J.'s Texas Coast Cafe may have found business down in proportion to their lack of visibility because of construction fencing.

8 thoughts on “Cruz Bay park renovation nearly done”

  1. The park appears a lot better. I wish the placement of the trash cans were someplace different or some how obstructed. This is the first thing you’ll see in the park when you walk off the dock. I would have placed large planters and the trashcans behind. Just my opinion.

  2. Hey – can somebody post a pic – I was there when they were working on it and I was so happy to see this little area get some ‘love’!!

  3. Less hospitable? Less welcoming? Hardly. It has been transformed into a terrific “Welcome to St John” symbol. And, the less it looks like a flea market and outdoor bedroom, the better. They’ve done a great job. Can’t wait to see the final landscape planted.

  4. how about some pictures before and after. hope everyone has a good summer in the land of good living. herb robinson cambridge, md.

  5. I am happy for JJ and Larry. Business at JJ’s Texas Coast Cafe was considerably down when I was there in April.With the “new” park completed,hopefully business will pick up to at least the old levels very shortly.Hi JJ and Larry- Jan and Bruce

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