Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover

Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover 1
Palm trees were planted along Cruz Bay beach over the weekend.

You know you live on a small island when newly planted palm trees are considered “news.” 🙂

Whatfside Village owner Joe DeCourcy planted several new palm trees on Cruz Bay beach over the weekend. We stopped by the beach yesterday and took some pics and video for all of you. Check it out:

Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover 2

Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover 3

Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover 4

Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover 5
One of my favorite spots on the island! The Beach Bar!

I think that the palms look very pretty. The only downside, in my opinion, is that one was planted in front of The Beach Bar and somewhat obstructs its beautiful sunset view. I don’t know about you, but I could sit on those barstools every day of the week. Oh, and please know that no trees were removed in order to plant these new palms. Several trees in front of Joe’s Rum Hut had to be cut after the storms in order to remove the boats that crashed into the building.

For those of you who need your Cruz Bay beach daily fix, please check out this quick video we took yesterday. Enjoy!

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19 thoughts on “Cruz Bay Beach Gets a Makeover”

  1. I thought they weren’t allowed to do that….weren’t some planted and then removed for not being “native” or was that only because it was NPS area? Looks so beautiful with them there.

  2. Of course Joe DeCourcy planted a low, wide, view-blocking palm tree directly in front of The Beach Bar’s view and in the middle of their already tiny beach seating area. DeCourcy owns Joe’s Rum Hut – The Beach Bar’s only competitor. Notice that Rum Hut has been empty since its Miami Vice debut? That’s because Rum Hut and DeCourcy have been blacklisted by the local community. Regarding the trees that, “had to be cut after the storms in order to remove the boats that crashed”. Please. DeCourcy has been fighting DPNR for years to remove those trees because they blocked his view from Rum Hut and Vista Mare. The storms were a convenient excuse. There are videos online. DPNR is onto his games. I’ve said it before and will say it again. The only thing that will stop someone like him is public awareness. Talk about it, STJ. So many of us have stories to tell and he can’t sue everyone.

  3. Hi thanks for the post! Love seeing island videos and mostly Cruz Bay happenings. So happy to see Cruz Bay and the trees are a great addition. How are both newly opened bars doing? The Wharfside looks beautiful, and clean, but also seems a little sterile – without lots of local signage, banners, bottles of beer and general local crazy fun “hut” and brick a brack . Will be back on island soon but have a question? Why do all the photos of the Beach bar show an empty bar top – and have an empty bar? Maybe the photos are when closed but I loved the old full bar with menus – bottles, condiments, games and full of people sitting around the bar. It looks as though nothing is allowed on the bar? Also, is it true there are no beer bottles and only cans? That would be a shame since cans are horrible! ANYWAY – So Happy they are reopened! Cant wait to return! Kudos to all that helped make this happen.

  4. So did trunk bay beach. Trees were
    Donated by Eleanor Gibbons (sp?)and planted by friends of the VINP volunteers last week Take a look

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