Cruising Along the North Shore

Who wants to take a ride along one of the most picturesque roads in the Caribbean?

We popped the GoPro on the Jeep last week and took a ride along North Shore Road. The video starts at the Virgin Islands National Park sign and continues all the way to the main parking lot at Maho Bay. Because we filmed this using a GoPro, which uses a fish eye lens, things may seem a bit tilted in some spots. That’s just the lens. And it seems like we are driving pretty fast. I assure you we were under the posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour. 🙂

The video is great with or without sound. We added a few of our favorite Kenny Chesney songs to the background for those of you who are able to watch with sound.

Enjoy everyone!

Is there another video you’d like to see? Let us know, and we will do our best to post it for you.

30 thoughts on “Cruising Along the North Shore”

  1. Hi Jenn! How about a North shore drive but with video of the water too on all the spots you can see it? Guaranteed I won’t get anything else done that day if you post that

  2. Thanks Jenn for the great video with the perfect soundtrack! I hope you don’t mind but I hopped out at Jumbie, rolled down the hill, crawled into one of the driftwood huts on the beach and popped a cold one (all in my mind but I still enjoyed it!). Can’t wait to return sometime this Winter!

  3. Jenn,
    Thanks for my St. John fix. I always enjoy “riding” with you. The foliage looks great!
    What are the white flowers on the left( 9:10, top of the hill) near Peter Bay?

  4. Jenn & Kenny AND Love City North Shore … what gifts!!
    See you in March …. over ten years our two-some has grown to include our
    daughter, son-in-law, step grand kids and in 2020 our son-in-law’s mom & step dad!!

  5. 40 days til back.. hmmm seems to me around a B’Day of someone around that time!
    .. you figure out how I knew that …

    ..jay — of the reef at gallows’

  6. Why won’t you talk about the missing tourist? If you have so much pull here…..why won’t you rally the troops for a search? It’s actually news. It’s important.

    • I have spoken with NPS, and it was decided that one story on this would not help the search. We have one goal and that is to find Lucy.

  7. Looks like one more big hurricane and that road is washed away for good. I have never seen the water so close to the road before.

  8. Jenn, Enjoyed the updated GoPro trip, loved the peek at Trunk Bay! Would love to see more of the overlooks and a cruise through town. Next best thing to being there! Again, thanks for the keeping all of us updated and informed.

  9. I love how you framed the ending. Was so happy to see a few parts where the tree canopy is connecting again like a tunnel. Thanks for the ride.

  10. Love this !The music was great!
    Would love to see the beaches and Coral Bay!
    Miss St John !
    Have been for 2 years since the storms.
    Can’t wait for December finally coming back!

  11. Thanks so much for this video…memories of the hundreds of times we’ve driven, walked, hitched, and taxied this wonderful road since 1994 all came rushing back. We have stories of every stretch of the road… thank you!

  12. I just watched this again, after watching your post storm drive from a couple of years ago. I’m so glad you documented both. It is so heartening, and perhaps may be again (hope not) to see that it does get better! I hope the hardscape is keeping pace with the landscape.

  13. Thank you, I love your videos so much! I hope you realize what a boost these are when we’re stuck in reality counting the days until our next visit. Have a great day!

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