Coral Bay Marina approved, BUT …

Preparing lans to deal with erosion, land runoff, waste storage, and
wastewater treatment are just a few of the tasks developers of the
proposed 116-slip marina near Island Blues must complete before they
can break ground on the $5 million project.  While giving  green light
to the venture, the St. John Coastal Management Committee also asked
that the V.I. Fire Service be in agreement with the plans and that the
Water and Power Authority show its confidence that it can supply
electricity to the project, the Virgin Islands Daily News reported. One of the Marina’s backers, Robert O’Connor, offered no comment to the News about CZM’s requirements, but did speak with a reporter, Lynda Lohr of the St. John Source.
O’Connor said he disagreed with CZM on one matter and will apply for a
variance on one item.  He said it may take a year to get the permit
issues settle. "The CZM staff report validates all of the environmental
and site concerns brought up by citizens at the last public hearing," Sharon Coldren, president of the Coral Bay Community Council, told the Source after the meeting.

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