Coral Bay villa shopping on TV

Mystic Last December, Ted and Sharon Prosser went house hunting in the Virgin islands. (Our story then.)

They brought along a film crew from HGTV.  Next week, we can all see the results of the effort when House Hunters International debuts the St. John episode at 9:30 p.m. June 14. 

The Prossers are followed around the island as they view three villas in Coral Bay and decide which one is best for a villa rental.   They chose a three-bedroom property named “Into the Mystic.” (That's the name of a Van Morrison song.)

“We think this will be great exposure for St John,” said Sharon Prosser.  “We hope it brings many visitors to  St John at a time (when) we all could use the business”.

If you miss the broadcast, HGTV has an extensive video site where full shows are available.

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  1. This is the officel episode name and air time for the House Hunters International on Directtv channel 229
    House Hunters International: Vacation Villa in the Virgin Islands
    A honeymoon in St. John spurs a search for a second home.

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