Coral Bay road update

SPRAYThe road into Coral Bay, Centerline, is driveable, even if riding on it is a little unsettling.

HungryTraveler posted his concern on TripAdvisor. "We just came back from Maho and the safety of Centerline continues to worry all. Any good rain will start slides up again."

He added there's more to worry about, too. "We are expecting a healthy mosquito hatch any day now. It's sunny and warm. Dengue fever is epidemic now so bring citronella spray." (Amazon's got it.)

10 thoughts on “Coral Bay road update”

  1. Frank, these words are really scary:
    “Dengue fever is epidemic now”.
    You read this on a travel forum and you are posting it as news and scaring the crap out of everyone.
    “Epidemic” is a pretty big word, Frank. Health professionals have standards for such occasions.
    Could you please raise your standards?
    If you don’t, there won’t be any entries in your guest-book to get misty-eyed over soon.

  2. Not that clear at all, Frank.
    If there are quotation marks around something on one of your posts, does that mean that it isn’t really news of St. John? What is it, then?

  3. I know it’s still a ways off, but we’re planning a trip there in late May, is anyone out there familiar enough with these situations to know if the roads, will be in better shape by then? We’ve been going there now for years, but have never had any news like this before…

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