Coral Bay Restaurant Set to Close

Pickles July 6 2019
Pickles in Paradise, July 6, 2019

Well folks, we have sad news to share with you all today. Pickles in Paradise, one of our favorite restaurants in Coral Bay, has announced its plans to close. Pickles last day will be this Saturday, July 13th. This is the third restaurant on St. John to close over the past month.

Pickles is a great little sandwich shop located just beyond the famous Coral Bay sign. Beverly Melius opened the small restaurant – known for its Open Mic Night each Thursday – several years back. She listed it for sale back in 2017, but was unable to find a buyer before the storms. A local couple ran the restaurant for several months in 2018 before Beverly resumed operations back in November.

Beverly sent us the following note yesterday, announcing its impending closure.

Pickles Letter
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As we mentioned above, Pickles is the third restaurant to close in the past month. Both Da Livio and Lucky Chops closed in Cruz Bay last month.

We are truly going to miss Beverly and her delicious food. And I thank her for participating in our St. Johnopoly game earlier this year.

16 thoughts on “Coral Bay Restaurant Set to Close”

  1. This makes me very sad, a huge loss for Coral Bay. Thank you sweet, wonderful Beverly for your stamina and love for us, your long time customers and friends and all the excellent food, fun and fellowship enjoyed at Pickles. See you the other side.

  2. So very sad! We enjoyed our first open mike night when we stayed in Coral Bay this past May and we felt so much at home and part of the community! Things change and life moves on. Best wishes to Beverly. Hope Open Mike Night finds a new home before our next visit!

  3. My husband and I loved Pickles in Paradise and ate there every time we visited St. John. We also enjoyed music there on occasion. We will miss this wonderful little restaurant. And we say thank you for happy memories associated with Pickles.

  4. My husband and I happened upon Pickles during our last trip! We loved it! So sad to hear it is closing!

  5. We were at Pickles & St. JOHN for the first time back in May..what a great spot..sad to hear it is closing..we spent our wedding night at open mic night after our vows at Trunk Bay..met many wonderful locals!

  6. I’m sorry to see everything close down. I came down for 16 consecutive years, camped out at Cinnamon Bay and called St. John, “My second home”. Coral Bay is the hidden secret of St. John.
    Best of luck Beverly! Thanks for everything. We always went to Lampshur Bay and Lucy’s. What great times. Josh, Cafe” Roma, not a birthday went by that I didn’t spend with her.

  7. We will miss Pickles dearly. We’ve attended several open mike nights the past couple of years and enjoyed everything – food – music – camaraderie ! Sorry to see Pickles close but can definitely understand. Best wishes to Beverly.

  8. Sweetheart Beverly Melius is by far the best friend anyone can ever hope to have and at Pickles she created a center for the Coral Bay family. Bevely glows with love and she passes that glow to everyone she meets.
    Enjoy your retirement, dear Beverly.
    We all love you, we all thank you for the good you’ve contributed to our community, and above all, we thank you for being the angle you truly are.

  9. Follow up –
    Of course, angel not angle.
    I don’t know if I hit the wrong key or if the computer just does what it wants to?
    I’m glad I reread my post and caught the spelling error.
    Love to you, Beverly, from all of us …

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