Coral Bay: No public water for you!

A million dollar grant from the federal government to the Virgin Islands to provide water in Coral Bay is down the drain.

The money was authorized to help the Water and Power Authority explore the feasibility of a reverse osmosis plant on the east end of the island.  That would reduce the need for schools and businesses and churches to rely on Cruz Bay water trucks.

The grant is being closed out, and no more money will be available, said the federal Office of Insular Affairs director, Nikolao Pula, the Virgin Islands Daily News reported.

There had been opposition to the water plant idea, the Daily News said.  Environmentalists worried that discharges from the plant would find their way to Coral Bay and unbalance the ecosystem.

The project never got off the ground.  Efforts to find a site for the plant stumbled.  Neither government-owned or private property was available.The News reported about 50% of the money has already been spent, on designs, studies, and the search for land.   WAPA be able to use whatever money is unspent to improve existing water distribution facilities.

3 thoughts on “Coral Bay: No public water for you!”

  1. There is a god!!!
    Yes, lets spend tens of millions of dollars because a few places did not build large enough cisterns. As a bonus lets pollute the bay, tear up Coral Bay for years etc. Here’s a thought, if you continually keep running out of water build another cistern on your own dime. Duh.
    This is why recessions exist. Stupid ideas like this only come about when people get caught up in bubbles and think money/power grow on trees.

  2. Could there have been a connection between the rezoning of the property on the road @ Fortsberg for the ‘laundromat’ (which happens to be at the end of the road for the proposed osmosis plant) and the request for an osmosis plant?

  3. the only ‘pollution’ from a desal plant is salt. the sea is already full of salt. and the % varies around the world. it isn’t poison… thank god? god gave us the brains to figure out how to get fresh water and apparently there morons that don’t want to have it. desal plants are being used around the world now, many in the caribbean, and there have been no environmental side effects. what a shame.

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