Coral Bay hotel planners hear static

The St. John Source says not everybody is happy about plans to expand the old Voyages building to become a 25-room hotel.  Read the full story here.

A hearing of the Planning and Natural Resources Department at the Guy Benjamin School brought out dozens of locals who think the developers' request to add a third floor to the building is just too much. Without a rezoning, Vahling et al could have a 16-room hotel.

The owner of the nearby Cocoloba Shopping Center said such a project wouldn't fit in, scale-wise, with the rest of businesses along the waterfront road.  Genoveva Rodriquez also warned that if the Voyages project gets rezoning approval to go higher, she'll ask for the same treatment and build condos on top of her venture.

One resident asked whether the hotel would increase traffic. Karen Vahling, one of the project's owners, told the group she thought gets at the $200/night hotel would use VITRAN buses.  (The Inquiring Iguana thinks she was serious.)

The VI Legislature will consider the rezoning request at a later time.

6 thoughts on “Coral Bay hotel planners hear static”

  1. I think they better get the zoning before they close. I would not want to own a white elephant. It is a nice building with a horrific history. Article also points out need to reveiw of business plan.

  2. There’s a lot of undone homework! No third story! No third story! No third story! And yes, she was serious about guests taking the bus!

  3. Coral Bay needs a hotel. The building next to Island Blues
    used to rent rooms, that was a great spot.
    I for one will be booking there, hope they work it all

  4. Coral Bay needs positive change. Change in itself isn’t bad and there are lots of good changes to be made in Coral Bay. A refurbished Voyages would boost all close by businesses and clean up an eyesore (among many). A cooperative and conciliatory attitude towards this proposal will benefit our community.

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