7 thoughts on “Coral Bay HGTV show finally aired”

  1. Liked the show and if we had a little over a million to spare we would buy one as well. We do think they made the right choice as to which to buy.

  2. After we visited last year we knew we had found a place to move too but can’t afford it. The show only made us more upset that we can’t do it.

  3. I thought this episode was better than the last one. I too thought they made the right choice and if I had $1.0 million plus I would already be living there. Oh well, I will have to settle on visiting:)

  4. We’ve always loved St. John for what it is & have always been interested in owning on St. John, but, us, like many others can only dream of owning on St. John & to volunteer in different areas. The prices in todays market can only appeal to the weathly & we too have to settle on visiting~

  5. I was green with envy and even my husband said “no fair that they can buy a house there and we can’t.” We will continue to spend our 7-10 days a year down there and be happy with that. until we hit the lottery, of course.

  6. I am struck by the # of “can’t afford St. John” comments. Don’t be so easily defeated. If you want to live here, come down, provide a service or business the community needs and one day you will have a house here.
    In 1989 I moved to St. John with 300 T-shirts and a box of paint. 8 years later I bot a house.

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