Congresswoman Plaskett Seeks to Gain Voting Rights for USVI Residents

Plaskett Jan 16 2019
Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett addresses Congress on Jan. 16, 2019.

Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett was on Capital Hill Wednesday where she presided over the debate on the House Floor of the US House of Representatives regarding Disaster Relief. Plaskett has had a very busy month as she recently introduced 11 acts of proposed legislation. One of her proposals, H.J.Res.24, caught my attention as it seeks to amend the Constitution “regarding Presidential election voting rights for residents of all United States territories and commonwealths.”

People born in the US Virgin Islands are unable to vote in presidential elections. Those of us who were born in a US state, but relocated to the US Virgin Islands, are forced to relinquish our voting rights once we establish residency in the Territory.

Here is a copy of H.J.Res.24 in its entirety:


H.J.Res.24 was introduced to the House on January 9th. It needs to pass the House and Senate, and then get the President’s signature before becoming law. You can follow its progress here.

Plaskett has sought to gain equal voting rights for residents of the US Virgin Islands for several years.

Click here to see all of Plaskett’s proposed legislation. 

As of today, January 17th, Plaskett has not reintroduced a bill regarding Caneel Bay. We’ve learned that Plaskett is in discussions with stakeholders and is considering reintroducing the bill with some changes. We will keep you all posted on that.

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  1. Maybe she should be advocating for her UNEMPLOYED CONSTITUTENTS thanks to CBI, and FIGHTING CBIs rapacious plans instead of abetting them???? “IF VOTING COULD CHANGE THE SYSTEM IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!”

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