Comments about Caneel, Crazy Cracker

Palmhill on TripAdvisor says Caneel’s restaurants are better than ever.

“On a big pleasant surprise the food at Caneel has improved and we have had some great meals…The equator had a banana cheesecake that was amazing,also noteworthy were the crab/lobster cake,a smoky lobster bisque,and a huge pasta special. The view of STT with the stars and twinkling lights is lovely.”

Johnny Rocket on Virgin Islands On Line has visited the new Crazy Cracker, in the old Duffy’s space.

“We ate there yesterday. Was very impressed! Food was great nice server and bartender, and for only being opened for a week everything went very smoothly.”  Gromit added, “We walked by the place a couple of times but didn't head in. Basically I think they are aiming for the Woody's vibe and clientele only with louder music.”

2 thoughts on “Comments about Caneel, Crazy Cracker”

  1. I’m amazed that you included Johnny Rocket’s comment. He had only one post and signed up for his VIOL account the same day he commented about the restaurant. When I saw his post I was quite suspicious, and the fact that he hasn’t posted again since then confirms my suspicions.

  2. My husband and two college-aged sons were there on St. John from 17th-23rd, and we always used to look forward to dancing at the “Love Shack” when it was open; then, it re-opened as “Lizard’s Landing”, which was just a glorified Drug exchange!!
    We were pleasantly surprised to go to “Crazy Crackers”!! Great music, clean, nice atmosphere, etc. (didn’t get a chance to try out the food, but heard from many others that it was excellent!)
    It’s great to have a place back on the island where we can dance!!
    We really enjoyed it!!

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