Close call at gas station site

It's happened again.

A piece of heavy construction equipment, in this case a bulldozer, flipped on its side and almost caused a disaster.

This time it wear on the construction site across from the Westin Resort where gasoline storage tanks are waiting to be buried.  Above the site, on a hill, the dozer apparently lost traction and tumbled.  Below, sit the tanks, presumably empty.

These photos are from two island blogs.

This picture is from No See Um’s blog which has returned after a hiatus of several months.  It is one of the most interesting St. John blogs. Its writer is anonymous and unafraid to speak truth to power.

This picture is from P-600, the blog chronicling the adventures of a couple and their young son who have just moved from the states to St. John.

8 thoughts on “Close call at gas station site”

  1. This is a 318C excavator,, not a backhoe or a bulldozer! And thank god
    The man driving is ok, a man who has live on st John for many years!

  2. Wow, that is so scary. As a foreman for construction, this has always been my biggest concern when trying to figure out what sort of international shipping company is the most reliable. I did find one, but it is still very hard to put my concerns aside when seeing pictures like these.

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