Cinnamon Bay Campground Rebuild Hits Setback

Cinnamon Bay Campground Rebuild Hits Setback 1

Last Monday, we told you about the progress happening at Cinnamon Bay. From what we could see, work was underway and was progressing as expected. Well unfortunately reconstruction hit a setback and work has temporarily stopped.

The Virgin Islands National Park announced Friday that a small amount of asbestos was found in underground sewer pipes. The affected area is cordoned off by fencing and is not a threat to people visiting Cinnamon Bay beach or nearby trails. Signage has been installed to further direct beachgoers to stay outside of the affected work areas. The Virgin Islands National Park previously stated that 10,000 feet of water and sewer pipe needed to be replaced. Only 10 percent of that pipe is affected by asbestos, the Park said.

Cinnamon Bay Campground Rebuild Hits Setback 2
An area where pipe is being replaced at Cinnamon Bay. This image was taken before the asbestos announcement, and it is not clear whether asbestos was found in this area.

“Our main concern during the repair and rebuilding of Cinnamon Bay is that everyone stay safe while enjoying access to the beach,” Site Manager Adrian Davis said in a release. “The signs reemphasize the importance of everyone staying on the main path to and from the beach. While we are being sure to not compromise safety, we are eager to complete this part of the project so we can move forward with the reopening of the rest of the campground.”

Work has been halted at the Cinnamon Bay campground until the asbestos can be properly removed. Work is expected to continue in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted on this.

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  1. Cinnamon Bay should not reopen. Has been robbing guests cor decades. Cars broken into, etc. Its a huge ring of organized crime. Had my car broken into 20 years ago. Nothing has changed. Missing my jewelry still. No help, no law and they are corrupt as hell.

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