Chesney-Zellwegger flop after four months

The marriage of the year on St. John has collapsed after four months. 

Rumors abound online about the cause of the breakup between Kenny Chesney, one of the island’s part-time bartenders and Renee Zellwegger, the Oscar-winning actress.  The UK’s Daily Mail reported Sunday, "Zellweger split from her husband of just four months because she wanted to start a family and he did not. A source close to Renee said last night: "Her biological clock is ticking loudly. She is desperate to have children. Renee’s understanding was that Kenny wanted a family too. It was Kenny who got cold feet." 

4 thoughts on “Chesney-Zellwegger flop after four months”

  1. I never thought the marriage to be legit anyway. As he has a single track titled,”had me from hello” which is her signature line from Jerry Maguire! Hmmmmm…
    Timing was to create a “Buzz” for both of them…For his Summer tour and her latest boring film….
    Just Publicity folks! Oh and in response to post by, “R.Pach” Surely the island is happy w/the revenue Kenny & his posse generate!
    At least he is respectful of the Park and simple life… Just listen to one of his songs! Not like the ‘Simons’ trying to buy up
    441 acers!!! We should all pray that never happens!!! Not every wealthy person is pretentious and greedy! Kenny is a perfect example!

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