Chesney pitching Blue Chair rum

According to a press release, "When Kenny Chesney decided it was time to find the rum he’d always wanted to drink, he didn’t approach the various distillers who’d offered him lucrative deals to lend his name and likeness to a brand created for him.

"No, the man who oversees every aspect of giant stadium productions and listens to myriad songs beyond what he writes for his albums, decided he wanted to do it himself.

“Everybody’s always expected this from me,” said Chesney. “There have been people who’ve approached us, stories that have gone around over the years. But rum is what I drink, and I always told myself, if I was going to do this, I wanted to create something I could be really proud of … make the rum I truly wanted to drink."

Chesney's brand will offer a Coconut flavored rum, Coconut Spiced, and a premium White Rum.

Blue Chair Bay Rum won’t be available until May.

The 45-year-old country singer owns a house on St. John, currently listed for just under $8 million.

6 thoughts on “Chesney pitching Blue Chair rum”

  1. Hoping he continues to frequent STJ…
    Looking forward to shipments coming!
    And, can’t wait to make my famous rum balls with it~

  2. Sinse my girl friend’s ex-husband lives on a boat in Coral Bay and has promissed to kill us if he sees us on St. John, Gwendolyn and I liv in Cane Garden Bay in the bvi. We drink rum from the Calwood Distillery there and it is the best. If Dirty Dave ever leeves Coral Bay or gets arested like what ouht to hapen to him maybe we will be able to come back to St. John and try Mr. Chesney’s Rum. Is he any relation to Dick Chesney who used to be the vise-president?

  3. Yes Wen, He and his Uncle Dick Chesney like to go hunting together. That’s why Kenny drinks so much rum. It takes the sting out of getting peppered with bird shot. 😉
    And I love the Callwood Panty Remover rum! Good call!

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