Chef Mat’s ‘value priced’ chef service

Is this another 'tell' about the island economy?

ChefUsually, Chef Mathayom (Mat) Vacharat charges big bucks to come to your villa and prepare, cook, and serve a sumptuous meal. You choose from a variety of menus, with individual prices beginning at $100 and rising to $175. The minimum cost for his private chef service is $425. Or it was.

"In response to the shifting needs of our client base", Chef Mat says he is eager to "fill the the need for value-minded customers" who want private chef service but don't want to pay the regular price.

At a cost of $65/person (minimum 4 people), he's now offering a "limited yet selective menu of items that are competitive with what you would find in a restaurant setting." Entrees include marinated flank steak and  pan-seared citrus shrimp. Side dishes are included as well as dessert (pineapple turnover or chocolate torte).

Mat makes no bones about his in-villa services being a splurge. "For the ultimate luxury experience," he says, "spoil your guests with an unforgettable private chef dinner." If that's not your style, then his new "Home Style Chef Services" may be.

3 thoughts on “Chef Mat’s ‘value priced’ chef service”

  1. At that price point, we would definately book his services.
    We are “foodies” and don’t mind spending $$$ on a great meal. What has held us back from doing a private meal in the past is everyone wanted something different.
    But for $65 plus tip, I could get everyone to eat the same thing.

  2. I don’t know if I would describe it as ‘big bucks’ to come to the villa to prepare dinner. His prices are on par with going out to a fine dining dinner.

  3. Except at a restaurant, everyone can order what they want. When I inquired about cooking for our group, substitutions were not allowed, set menu for everyone in the group doesn’t work for us.

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